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Hubby Key's the cool cat, Meow.

1 December 1991
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I was a lurker. Not so much now. A HUGE JONGKEY shiper. No other pairings w/ Jjong or Key have interest dor me. I like side!2min in my jongkey's and the other way around.
I'm a blogger : sinnlichee@blogspot. Catch me there if you want. I'm french, learning international finance w/ english & Japanese at school. And auto-learning korean and a bit of chinese. I'm a HUGE Cassie & shawol. 저는 카시오페이아에 빛나는 별입니다 :D , my motto ^-^ . And .. I don't think I'll post on livejournal. This is a an account to spazz on amazing people who are here, and sometimes comment. Maybe someday I'll write a fic and Then you'll se some post. Until then, 잘가요~ <3